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Here's How we Weigh In

Scope & Tripod

Make & Model Size Weight
Uti8 8" 14.7lbs
Orion XT6 6" 37lbs
NexStar 6SE 6" 30lbs
Meade LDX75 6" 72lbs

Uti8G2 f/4.5

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Uti8 G2 carry-on case

with Tom Bihn Shoulder Strap

SHOWN with Uti8G2 f/6 Planetary scope




Uti8G2 with FeatherTouch Focuser

and a Custom Red Fork

Uti8G2 f/6

Uti8G2 f/6


David,  Minerva & Galapagos Eclipse Trip

Uti6 built specifically for Dr. Levy

Read Dr. Levy's Endorsement

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Don't just take our word, here are some actual Uti owners comments:


Your new telescope is an amazing feat of engineering and imagination.  I never believed that an 8-inch Newtonian, with its optics, tube assembly, and mount, could fit into a case small enough to fit into an overhead compartment.   Such a telescope is a welcome addition to our travel-filled age.  Most important, when the user gets to her or his destination and set it up, the performance is absolutely first class!  The mount is sturdy, and the optics beautiful.

Congratulations on a superb design."

         David H. Levy

Hi Vince ~
I just assembled the telescope, and sipped some champagne with colleagues in the Department. The mechanical design and execution of the scope is superb! It is literally functional sculpture!

Bear in mind that I am a tough customer when it comes to products of this kind. I caught the "disease" during my 10 years as a structural engineer, and my work on the HET at the McDonald Observatory. The disease was compounded by the UMSL classes I taught where we built excellent telescopes. It is extraordinarily rare that I have purchased a commercial product that meets or exceeds that which I could design and build. The mechanical execution of this telescope is better than anything I have ever built. I am stunned... ;-)

It is clear tonight, so I'm taking the scope to the country for a proper "first light" ceremony!

Thanks for producing and delivering a fabulous product ahead of schedule! ;-)
ps: The focuser motion is unbelievable!


The UTI 8 DL that I have is wonderfully balanced and amazingly convenient to use.  I have attached a Denkmeier II Binoviewer to the Moonlight focuser and it has the 3 power lens strip with it.  I can now have the standard 3 sizes of different power eye pieces in one piece of equipment attached to an 8 inch Dob with a superb set of mirrors that I can carry with one hand because it is so light weight.  Yet the carbon fiber materials of the scope are very strong.  Even with the binoviewer the UTI dampens vibration of any kind quickly.  The optics are superb.  I have owned the following reflectors: Portaball 12.5, Teleport 14 inch, 12 inch Lightbridge, Discovery 10 inch, and peeked through several others Dobs 12-16 inches.  I must say that the view through just a 20 mm Nagler with the UTI 8 matched a few and exceeded many of the above listed views with that same 20 mm Nagler eye piece.  With my 24 foot motorhome, this scope is easily taken anywhere in the U.S. that I go.  I just have 2 cases.  The narrow Denkmeier Binoviewer case which is like a briefcase and the UTI case that this scope folds up into in less than a few minutes.  I took a similar UTI (#123) to Hawaii placed in its case over my head on Hawaiian Air.  I must also add that I have nothing but incredibly good service from the manufacturer who easily provides the necessary parts or adjustments quickly for top quality use of this wonderful telescope.  I used to own TV 102, and NP 127 refractors and I am through with 4 and 5 inch refractors forever.  Just their tripods were too much trouble, besides their cases!  And they were more heavy and awkward to move compared to the UTI which I just pick up and carry to the top of the hill if I feel like it.  This 8 inch reflector really has it all over 4-5 inch refractors.  The optics of this scope rival that of the best refractors for refractor like pin point views and the Royce Mirror rivals even the legendary zambutos that some of my old and larger Dobs had.  A great scope and getting better.  The new ones are 10 lbs less in weight than mine!

Jan Tavares
Ventura, Ca.


I've had my 8" Uti out a couple of nights now, and can't get over what  a wonderful scope it is. Yes, it's compact and easy to use, just like  the literature says, but what you won't realize until you actually have it in your hands is just how beautiful it is. The perfectionism  of this scope is right up there with my Astro-Physics refractors, and  the clever elegance of the design is something you really have to see for yourself. For a guy like me, who appreciates beautifully conceived  and crafted equipment almost as much as beautiful skies, this is the ultimate portable scope.

Frankly, I think it deserves a place in the  Museum of Modern Art.
W. Petty, Dorset, England




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